All RRB Group D Exam 2018 Shifts Paper Analysis: Easy to Moderate Difficulty Level, Check Section-Wise Analysis

 We know that the Railway is presently conducting the group D exams on the whole India basis through its various regional Railway boards. Many of the students have taken the exam already and many more are yet to take the exams.

We know that after the candidates take the exam they always want to analyze the exam on the basis of its difficulty level, and many of the students have been requesting us to make this analysis for them.

So, for the sake of helping out the students today in this article we are going to make the Group D exam analysis in this article.

This analysis of the exam is based on the exam of group D which was conducted at 24th October. We will make the analysis on one to other shift basis.

1. Mathematics

Well this is the first and the foremost subject in the competitive exams for which the students are always keen about to have the thorough analysis.

  • First Shift- in the first shift the question number from the 14 to 20 were moderate
  • Second Shift- Question no 15 to 19 were moderate.
  • Third Shift- In the third section as well the question no 14 to 19 were moderate.

What we can say from this analysis is that, the mathematics questions were mostly on the medium or the moderately tough.

 All RRB Group D Exam 2018

  1. General Intelligence and Reasoning

    This is other tricky subject of the competitive exam is general intelligence, and the reasoning. Here is our analysis for this subject as well.

  • First Shift- Question from 20 to 23 were on the easy and moderate side.
  • Second Shift- Question number from 21 to 24 were also on the easy and moderate side
  • Third Shift- In the third section the question from 20 to 24 were easy to moderate.

The section of the general intelligence and reasoning must have been quite scoring for the majority of the students as per our analysis.

  1. General Science

This is a pure science and the theory based question paper,, which is often tricky to the non science stream students. Here is our analysis for this subject.

  • First Shit- Question 15 to 19 were on the scale of easy to moderate
  • Second Shift- Question 16 to 20 were moderate
  • Third Shift- Here the Question from 16 to 18 were again easy to moderate.

This question paper was more on a moderate side

  1. General Awareness on Current Affairs

Well this is the most interesting subject for the majority of the students, since this is one such subject which touches our practical life on daily basis. Here is our analysis for this subject.

  • First Shit- It should be the moderate session for most of the students.
  • Second Shift- Question from 15 to 17 were on the easy to moderate side.
  • Third Shift: The third shift from the question 14 to 17 should also be from easy to moderate.

So, this is our analysis for the Group D Railway exam which was conducted on the 24th of October, and we have tried our best to make the justified analysis of this exam for you.

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